Mar 06

Disruptive Innovation

bus3One of the biggest challenges for companies is innovation. Companies need to focus on this for their industry. At the same time, they must be ready to adapt to new innovations ahead of competitors. If a company fails to position themselves, it can be a victim of disruptive innovation. Usually when disruptive innovation occurs, a company will have seen the new innovation to come, but due to constraints within their corporate structure, they are not able to quickly adapt to the new market. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 06

Franchise Opportunities

bus4There are parameters that need to be explored when starting a business. If you wish to jump in an invest in a franchise, this is particularly true. If you want to become a partner in a large company to have your own business that a corporate identity introduced in the public mind, that you may need to check similar settings similar to those beginning their own business from scratch. Find opportunities that will help you move forward with can be difficult, especially if you are looking for franchise opportunities pizza individuals to start making serious money.
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Apr 18

Why Payday Loans Aren’t a Wise Investment

No-one escaped the recession. Businesses of every size were hit, and people’s budgets were stretched to the max. The emergence of payday loans therefore offered a quick fix for a person’s financial woes, as banks were less willing to part with their cash. Offering instant payments and little to no financial background checks, it’s never been easier to receive a payday loan.

So, are payday loans too good to be true? Most definitely. Even if a person borrows money and pays it back within a few days, they’ll still be hit with interest charges up to 25%. Imagine the interest charge if a they fail to make a repayment within the arranged timescale!

Circle of Debt

Payday loans can create a vicious circle of debt. If a person borrows $1,000, they’ll probably repay $1,200 in 60 days time. As a result, they’ll have most likely drained their finances. So what will they do to pay their bills next month? They’ll request another payday loan.

Young People

Payday loans are also available to those who have little financial experience. Young people are finding themselves steeped in debt due to the quick cash fix, as many have next to no experience in paying bills. Therefore, they’re tarnishing their credit history at a young age, and will most likely be refused a mortgage or additional credit in the future. We therefore need to educate young people in the classroom on how to manage their finances, and financial services they should only use as a last resort.

UK payday loan companies were also accused of “grooming” children to become future customers, as they aired animated cartoons on children’s TV channels during advertisement breaks. As a result, the UK’s regulator, Ofcom, is now taking steps to ban the adverts on the channels.

The Solution

Those struggling with bills should create a budget, making a note of their income and outgoings. Should they find they’re paying more out than what’s coming in, they should ring up lenders, such as a mortgage provider, to see if they can restructure a repayment plan. A little reshuffling might be all a person needs to manage their finances.

Anyone struggling with debt should consult a debt expert, such as Churchwood Finance, who can help a person control their finances once and for all.

Apr 16

Investing in a Tanning Salon Franchise

People who want to invest their money in a business will normally look for several ideas before they make their decisions. From researching how much their (ROI) return on investment will be to making sure the demand for this type of business is high, there are many factors involved in making a smart business investment. This is why some people are considering investing their money and time into a tanning salon.
Consider Investing in a Franchise Traditionally, tanning salons make great investments as long as the business owner knows how to operate the business both effectively and efficiently. Which means, they must be familiar with the guideline, rules and laws that govern tanning salons in the area that they conduct their activities in. These business owners will also need to familiarize themselves with the best ways to market their services since it is normally geared to specific target audiences. For instance, the business owner may want to invest in a tanning salon that’s run by a franchise instead of starting a business that has to build its own brand. Therefore, by investing their finances into a franchise that already has a popular name, they can use this notoriety to obtain customers as soon as they open their doors. Consequently, they may cater their business to a more upscale and affluent audience vs. investing in a tanging business that’s services the average consumer.

Tanning Beds
Buying the right equipment for a tanning salon is essential to building up a successful company. Based on the projected demand, the owner will need to determine how many tanning beds that they will need to buy in order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to research what types of tanning beds are available on the market, the best manufacturers, and the cost of each. By researching this information in advance, the owner will know how many and what types of tanning beds that the company can afford.

Hiring a Trained Staff
Hiring a trained staff is also essential to the health and care that the customers will receive. With the training that these professionals receive, they can assist their customers with a diversity of problems and issues. Since there are laws and guidelines that the business owner and their employees are responsible for adhering to, everyone on the staff must be well versed in carrying them out. For instance, the staff should know that there are laws that govern the ages of children that want to receive a tan, and they must be followed or the owner may subject to penalties, fines and potential law suits.

Projected Profits
Before any individual invest their money and time into any type of business idea, the first thing that they will need to do is to review and evaluate the projected profits. Since a franchise may be more profitable than a completely new brand in the same industry, the profits can vary substantially. So, it is important for the individual to clearly understand what type of profits will be available if they want to earn large profits and expand the company.

Apr 09

Juice Craze good for Investors

I was at a conference the other day and was listening to a speaker talk about the new business trends that are gaining popularity in the UK. One of the hottest trends that are just going from strength to strength is Juice Bars. As people become more conscious about their health, they look for healthy food and drink choices.
The concept of juicing has become more popular with the documentary of Joe Cross, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The documentary speaks of his journey from being an obese and sickly person to the healthy and physically fit person that he is now – all through juicing. This touched a chord in many people and the sale of juicers and blenders rose significantly.
Drinking juice that is made fresh from juice and vegetables has been around for decades, but it is only now with the recent Monsanto scare that people are becoming more conscious about the food they eat and the liquids they drink. Juicing gives people an easy and delicious way to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, enabling them to easily absorb disease fighting phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. Juice Bars work for people who want to drink healthy concoctions but do not have the time to make the drinks themselves. It’s also a venue for health conscious groups to meet and swap healthy tips and practices. That’s why it’s being touted as the new Starbucks. Juice bars will be as popular as coffee chains, judging from the increasing capital being invested in the business.
I made a round of the most popular juice bars in the UK, and the ambience feels like Starbucks – only, instead of coffee they are holding different colored drinks. One of the things that I noticed about the juice bars is they don’t only offer juice but are also giving out advice on healthy living. The staff is knowledgeable about the health benefits of the products they’re selling.
As an example of the kind of opportunities available, Juice Master, popularized by Jason Vale, is offering a franchise for 50,000 pounds. An investor can choose between a full shop fit and a stand-alone shop. The offer comes with full support: from branding to training and marketing assistance. It’s a pretty good package.
What has made juicing so popular? Is it just a trend that will eventually fade away or does it have merit? Juicing is being marketed as a way to keep our body healthy and fight off diseases. It is also being used for weight loss. Juiced fruits and vegetables are pure and so they retain their various nutrients. Much better than vitamins, they infuse the body with the minerals, enzymes and nutrients it needs to be in top condition. Green juices are very low in calories but are very filling, making them a good meal alternative – good for dieters who need to control their food and calorie intake. People have claimed increased energy and focus when they start on a juice cleanse diet. The endorsement of several popular celebrities has done much for the credibility of this health regimen – Gwyneth Paltrow practically raves about it, and Salma Hayek loves Cooler Cleanse so much that she’s now a co-founder.
It has merit because the logic is so simple. Fruit and vegetables are good for you. How do you go against that idea? Take in more fruits and vegetables and cut down on greasy and cholesterol-laden foods. People know that what they’re eating right now from fast food chains are not healthy, and maybe deep inside there’s guilt. Offering an option to do the right thing for their health will definitely gain popularity fast. There may be more to this health regimen than hype and I’m reading up on it to see if we can start making these pure and delicious health concoctions at home. I am sure there will be some good investment opportunities in this area coming up.

Apr 07

Electric Toothbrushes: A Great Investment Opportunity

I’m writing this article to give you a few hints on some new investing opportunities in the dental care market.
First of all, let me tell you how it all started.

During the last month I noticed many commercials, both online and on television, about electric toothbrushes.

I was intrigued: how can such a mundane activity be turned into a HUGE business?
I mean, we’ve been brushing our teeth for hundreds of years with our manual brushes, why should we throw these away for a powered brush?

I was curious, bought a modern model online (I found some great electric toothbrushes on this website) and tested it for a couple of weeks. The results were outstanding.

Why Are Electric Toothbrushes So Popular?

I loved the results. I was impressed and told my friends and family to buy one and test themselves.

I preferred my new model over my old manual toothbrushes mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. It has a timer. It’s extremely useful because it helps you brush for the right amount of time: not more, not less (which is usually what happens without a timer…)
  2. It comes with a build-in Pressure Sensor. You heard right, powered brushes will tell you how hard you’re brushing.
  3. Fresh mouth. I love that feeling! And the great thing is that it happens every time I use my new model (which is, by the way, an Oral-B 5000)

Overall, I was (and I am) very satisfied. I will keep using it for a long time.

Anyway, let’s get into the real thing…

The Business Behind Powered Brushes

I started investigating and found out the main companies on the market are Oral-B and Sonicare.
Oral-B is owned by Procter & Gamble, whereas Sonicare is actually Philips.

The great thing about Sonicare is that it uses a modern sonic technology, which removes most of the plaque from your teeth.

I managed to get my hands on a graph that shows the popularity of electric brushes over time:
apparently, they’re getting increasingly more popular year after year.

After my research, I decided to focus on Oral-B.
As I wrote above, it is owned by P&G (since 2006). in a nutshell:

  • P&G sells its products in over 18 countries around the world
  • $84 Billion in products sold
  • 57 years of consecutive dividend increases

Oral-B, along with Crest,Always and Vicks (which are other P&G companies in the personal care market), represents 17% of net earnings.

It looks like a great investment opportunity. But wait, there’s more…

An Evolving Industry

There’s also another thing that I particularly liked.

Later on this year, a brand new Oral-B toothbrush will be released. It’s fully connected and manageable using your smartphone. It’ll show you real time data to improve your oral care, and many other things such as:

  • You can manage the speed of your brush head
  • You can check if you brushed too hard (and many other aspects of the brushing experience)
  • It allows you to share your statistics with dentists all over the world

As we all know, we share everything with smartphones and apps… why should our dental care be an exception?

I expect this model to boost the popularity of both electronic brushes and Oral-B (which is a good thing if you want to invest in it…)


After digging deep into this market, I think I found a great opportunity and I’ll surely invest in it.
If you are already into this, please let me know some of your insights! I’d be glad to know your opinion.

Apr 04

Indicators of a Recovering Economy

One of the biggest questions of this half a decade is has the Economy recovered? Ever since the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and the subsequent fall of the stock markets in early 2009, the world has been restricted by the reduced credit lines and staggering unemployment. This reduction in liquid capital in the markets seized the world’s economies and forced some nations like Greece into complete bankruptcy. There was even discussion of the Euro being disbanded as Germany fled for a more stable Deutschmark. The problems’ were domestic as well. As household names like Bank of America and Leighman Brothers saw their stock prices deflate to fractions of their original glory. Big banks and Auto companies were bailed out by the government. The result 5 years later is an estimated $16 Trillion of US debt and a confused economy.

There are several main indicators in an economy to it’s health. The Federal Open Market Committee ( FOMC ) meets periodically to review these indicators and adjust the economy accordingly. This can be seen most noticeably as an adjustment in interest rates and in minimum required reserves for banks. The main focus is a ratio of unemployment and interest rates. The higher unemployment, ideally, the lower interest rates would be to spur new loans and spark lending. When this goes on too long the economy begins to expand too far and we see inflation. This is an inevitable result of consistent investment. The new chairman of the Fed Janet Yellen’s job is to guide the FOMC in appropriately adjusting the interest rates to keep these factors in balance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t still be a good investor even with this bit of uncertainty in the market. In these tumultuous times there is still a way to earn big profits on the stock market with the use of leading stock picking services.

How do we use the knowledge to determine if the economy has recovered? The U.S. unemployment rate as of the stock market collapse was an acceptable 5.8%. After the collapse in late 2009 we saw that number skyrocket to 10%. In the five year since the rate has steadily declined as a direct result of economic stimulus enacted by the Obama administration and the Fed. The medicine that some believe will be our poison. Currently the U.S. unemployment rate is resting around 6.7%. Far better than 10% but still more than a full 1% more than we would like. With an adult population of about 250 million people that’s more than 2 million displaced workers. As far as unemployment is concerned, the economy is recovering but not back to it’s original numbers.

Current U.S. Interest have remained constant at .25% since 2008. This was due to the FOMC decision to stimulate the economy and force unemployment lower. The stock markets themselves are an excellent indicator of the health of the economy as the liquidity of money and investment is a direct result of interest rates. When the interest rates are being held so strictly the best way to determine economic health is by viewing the stock market and it’s largest indexes. Before the collapse the Dow Jones fell from around 14,000 points to a low of 6,600 points. The markets since then have rebounded to beyond their original levels to over 16,000 points. We’ve seen real growth in tech companies like Tesla, Facebook, and Twitter IPO’s that have set new records for the decade. If we were to look solely at this indicator, we could make the assumption the markets have recovered.

There is more to it though. Average cost of goods sold is an indicator used to determine the rate of inflation for the U.S. Population. The theory is that if you were to pick a basket of goods of necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, food, gas at any given time the price should be the same. The difference would be inflation. The average utility of someones wage, or the value they receive from spending their capital, should purchase the same amount of goods. If the same money has a lower utility, purchases less, than economists can say there must be an increase in minimum wage to account for economic inflation. This is exactly what the FOMC mentioned is currently happening in their latest Beige papers on Monetary Policy.

As a result we can make the assumption that there are major indicators improving. Unemployment is declining, the markets are increasing, interest rates are stationary, but something still isn’t right. Companies aren’t seeing the gains they need to in order to continue operating at their historical levels. Let’s take Bank of America Corp for example. The second largest U.S. Bank traded over $30 before the collapse. Despite falling to lower than $13 a share, the company has rebounded and is currently peaking at $17.50, a 52 week high. In an article on Bloomberg Chief Operating Officer Thomas Montag, said that the investment banking firms of the BofA are cutting jobs across all trading divisions. The cause is quoted as being a necessity to trim costs and maximize profits. Similarly, international Investment bank Gleacher & Co announced on March 13th plans to liquidate their 25 year old Investment bank after being unable to sell the company. This news is an ominous reminder that, although we are receiving positive indicators of improvement, we have yet to see the counter swing. The inevitable countering of a large expansion. With any large investment in an economy there is inflation. We have yet to see this inflation hit our economies. Implementation lag states it is inevitable, and coming soon. Don’t be afraid,, be aware, run your spreads and grab shorts in the market if you can. A big swing is coming. Some people will lose lots. Otherwise will make a fortune.

Apr 04

Plantar Fasciitis – An Unexplored Industry for Investing

You maybe wondering how come a medical issues such as Plantar fasciitis has to do with investing – right? Before I get into explaining all of that, let me just say, where others see a medical issues, I see an investment opportunity. How? Before I explain how, let me just explain what it is first (specially for those who doesn’t know what this medical condition is).

What is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of plantar fascia which is usually caused while the legs are in motion and creates excessive stress on the plantar tendon. People who are involved in excessive physical activities, especially runners develop plantar fasciitis. When you do excessive running or walking, climbing stairs, climbing hills or more, it causes stress on the plantar tendon. Plantar fasciitis can also be a result of heel striking which is usually caused by over striding, when you involve in excessive physical activity while having feet problems and inappropriate running shoes. However, an important point to remember is that plantar fasciitis does not only occur among marathon runners, but a regular business owner can also develop this condition.

Statistics say that plantar fasciitis spends approximately more than 1 million adults to the doctor’s office every year. Patients describe the condition as a sharp pain underneath the heel area of the foot. The pain is the worst when you take the first few steps after you wake up in the morning and tends to improve with activity. Again, the condition can worsen at the end of the day when patients are working on their feet for longer period of time.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is not a new issue, but have existed since ages. However, the condition has been found to increase among individuals lately, calling an alert for treatment and prevention.

Choosing the right shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Apart from specific exercises to improve the condition, choosing the right shoes for Plantar Fasciitis can give relief to a great extent. A patient needs to wear properly fitting appropriate shoes that give assistance to such kind of conditions. People who are used to wearing shoes that are smaller than their feet size can only aggravate the foot condition. Instead, shoes that have thicker well cushioned midsole, made out of high-density ethylene vinyl acetate (usually found in a running shoe) decreases plantar fasciitis pain to a great extent.

Why Plantar Fasciitis is an Investment Industry Of Its Own

Being an investment banker, I have been studying the market closely when it comes to shoes made specifically for plantar fasciitis. To my surprise, there are not many brands or manufacturers out there that sell these shoes, making it quite difficult for a patient to get his options. The segment for plantar fasciitis shoes is yet to be explored and the industry is yet to grow, leaving ample room for manufacturers to come up with groundbreaking innovative shoes that can revolutionize the way people want to treat plantar fasciitis.

Motion control shoes with increased longitudinal arch support can to a great extent decrease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis occurring from long hours of standing and walking. There is a lot that has been unexplored with the right shoes for such condition, and the market is still waiting for a groundbreaking product. Although, manufactures are coming up with specialized orthotic soles and better arch support, there is a lot of R&D to be done in this area for a better product.


Apr 04

EB-5 Visa – Your Ticket to Invest in the American Dream

After investing about 10 years and over $10 Million for acquiring federal grants to manufacture portable water purification devices, a California based firm was all set to change the world of water distillation. However, owing to the tight venture capital and bank credit, the company could not raise enough capital to kick start the production phase. This is where my years of experience (nothing to brag about) were a great help to the company, in the form of professional advice. It was time to resort to a federal program, which would enable foreign residents to earn permanent resident status by investing in the US-based companies and help them create new jobs.

While serving the US market as an investment banker for years, I came into contact with hundreds of small and medium ventures all across the US, who have found foreign financial backers for their businesses through a federal immigration program known as EB-5. Through this 24 year old initiative, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, under the direct administration of the US Department of Homeland Security, issues 10000 permanent visas to foreigners in one fiscal year, if they invest $1 Million (or $500000 in rural or high-unemployment area) in US based companies that aim to preserve or create at least 10 full-time jobs for eligible US workers within two years of their arrival to the US. All of these details can get quite impossible to keep track of and that is why it is always a great idea to hire professional services from immigration attorneys as they can help with all your paperwork as well as provide useful advice.

Today, in such a challenging economic environment, almost any immigration policy would make political and economic sense. And when we are talking about a 24 years Immigrant Investor Program, created by the Congress in 1990 with the aim of stimulating the local economy through foreign capital investment and domestic job creation, it clearly presents a win-win situation for everyone.

Currently, the Immigration and Nationality Act allows the USCIS to grant 10000 green cards in a year only, of which 3000 are reserved for foreign investors showing interest in high-unemployment and rural areas. However, if your application falls in the list exceeding 10000 a year, your name would be listed in the waiting chart according to your Priority Date.

Due to the complexities of this investor program and scores of mandatory conditions and requirements, EB-5 uses even less than half its yearly quota of green cards. This clearly suggests that EB-5 is responsible for creating only a fraction of new job opportunities for qualified US workers that are provided by a variety of other immigration and non-immigration programs in the US.

In the current situation, it isn’t strange that EB-5 investor visa program has never been a great success ever since its creation. In the 90′s itself, it earned an unsavory reputation because of a few companies that falsified the numbers of jobs created in the US. Above all this, it is the regional centers, which are charging exorbitant fees from applicants and are misrepresenting their ability to invest in the US market and gain permanent residency. A recent study clearly suggests that during the period in between October 2004 and March 2011, the USCIS denied over 500 petitions for EB-5 investor visa. Thus, in my opinion, it would be wise to approach the US Consulate office on your own and apply for the permanent residency through EB-5 visa by keeping in mind the following steps.

  • File a Form I-526, which is a Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, after dealing with a filing fee of $1500, with the US Embassy or Consulate office located in your respective foreign country.
  • Once approved, fill in and submit Form I-485, the application to register permanent residence or adjust status, to the USCIS for having the immigration status adjusted to conditional permanent resident in the US. The conditional permanent resident status is granted for a period of 2 years only. However, the conditional residents can file a form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions, at least 90 days before the expiry of the two years conditional resident period. If approved, the USCIS will remove the conditions and the investor will gain permanent residency to live and work in the US.
  • Or, after the approval of Form I-562, you can submit Form DS-230, the application for immigrant visa and alien registration, with the USCIS for securing an EB-5 visa for direct entry to the United States.

No matter how slow the processing of EB-5 applications is or how less popular the investor program is among foreign investors, it certainly helps in boosting the US economy and creating new job opportunities, apart from offering permanent residency to investors. So, if you are capable of investing in a new commercial enterprise, it would be a wise option to apply for an EB-5 immigrant visa.

Apr 02

Investment opportunities you might not have investigated yet

Investments can come in many different shapes and sizes. Traditionally most people think of investments as being things like the stock market, Forex / currency markets and property. However there are plenty of other types of investments that many be worth looking into.


Starting a Business

Starting a business is something that many people want to do. It can be a great way to earn some extra money, however it is not without risk. First off you need to think about what you are planning on selling. Then you need to think about how you are going to market your product and what type of competition you are up against.

Make sure that you consider all the aspects of starting a business before actually starting one. Be sure not to enter into a business based on emotion as 9 times out of 10 that will end poorly.

A great way to limit your up front costs when starting a business is to start an online store. Websites like eBay or Etsy make it very easy to get started and have a ready made user base which may be interested in buying your product.


Coins and Prospecting

Collecting rare coins is another unusual investment opportunity. Some coins can be worth quite a lot of money, particularly when they are rare or in mint condition. There are plenty of websites that allow people to buy and sell or trade coins. There are also plenty of dealers that specialize in finding, collecting and selling coins to other collectors or investors.

Some of the most rare coins have actually come from prospectors who use metal detectors like the Garrett AT Pro metal detector to find coins that have been lost over time and are hidden under soil on properties around the world. Finding rare coins using a metal detector is obviously going to be a little hit and miss, however you can find some truly rare coins that are worth a lot of money. If this is something that you are considering, then you will be best off looking for the best metal detector for coin shooting.


Build a Website

Investing in website real estate might seem like a crazy idea, but there are actually a lot of people who make good money either buying and selling websites, or building up a successful website that provides real value to people who visit. Obviously there is a lot of marketing that will need to be involved to get your website in front of the masses, but it can be done if you are willing to work hard and network with other website owners.


Loan your money to others

These days you are able to loan your money to other people and get high interests rates in the process. There are a number of different websites that offer this service and they essentially work as a broker between you and the people wanting to receive the funds.


Other Collectables

I know we spoke about coins and prospecting just before, but there is serious money in lots of different types of collectables. Whether it be things like trading cards, cars, comic books, wine, art or even action figurines, a lot of people want this stuff. The main thing to remember is that it needs to be in mint condition, otherwise you won’t be able to get anywhere near as much money.


Can you think of any other unusual investment opportunities that I may have missed?

Apr 02

1 Word That Immediately Loses the Sale

This post is in partnership with Fast Seduction, which offers useful advice, resources, and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners. The article below was originally published at Fast Seduction.
Over the years, I have watched people fall flat on their faces attempting to sell their product or service. A lot of times, these are really good, honest, hardworking people with lofty ideas and goals they have worked their whole lives towards achieving so you can imagine my pain when I see people using this phrase, which makes them look like they are hiding something or lying by omission.

Because of these painful mistakes that I have seen entrepreneur after entrepreneur make, I will I am going to let you in on one, very powerful word that will either make or break your success as an entrepreneur.

Here is a word that you should stop using immediately.

It is “actually.”

See, the thing about this word is that it points out to their being some type of “reframe” or “lie by omission” attached to it.

For example: Someone asks you “Is that a lamp?” You say “actually, it is a special light device that is supposed to do xy and z” yet, the person that you’re talking to has a conspicuous feeling about the thing that you said the word “actually” about.

It is causing a seed of doubt in the persons mind that you are attempting to convince or persuade.

If someone says the word “actually, does it mean that they are an automatically bad person that lies by omission? Absolutely not, YET, when you say this word, what happens is you cause people to see that thread of doubt…

Here is a comparison in how to communicate the right way and the wrong way.

Example: Hey man, did you get this at Marshalls? You: Actually, I got it at Macy’s (in their mind, they’re thinking “are you sure?”)

This is the wrong way to communicate and leaves you more vulnerable to rejection than other people.

Here is the way the interaction should’ve gone:

“Hey man, did you get that at Marshalls?” “You would think so , right? Yet, check this out… What does it say right there? “24k plated” They only sell these at Macy’s.”

Frankly, when you say the word “actually” it’s not a bad idea if you’re going downwards. For example “Did you spend a million dollars on that watch?” and you say “No, actually I got it at Ross.” and they say “Wow.” Yet, if someone says “this work is a piece of shit” and you say “actually, this is made with the finest silk” you are basically slapping them and their thoughts in the face. Doesn’t feel good, makes people want the worst for you.

Ask them questions, make them feel good.

Apr 02

How Penny Stocks Create Millionaires Everyday

I’ll bet you that there are countless occasions where you wish that you had invested hundreds in some of the companies that were nothing in the beginning and now they are monster stocks worth 20 and 30 dollars from just a couple of pennies?

For the majority of people, it is like pulling teeth to get them to invest in some of the companies that they trust, like Yahoo, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway and others because each share costs an arm and a leg.

At this point, you are probably looking for the perfect option to invest in companies that are worth very little today, yet, will be worth a lot in the future. Let me show you how the best players in the game trade stocks.

How It Works

The people who make the most money in the stock market are long-distance investors. For example: You personally own a business. You also have common sense, all the time in the day and you are willing to wear every hat that your small business forces you to wear in order to make real, solid money. You know yourself, your intentions and the market like the back of your hand… You know deep inside that you will eventually hit success.

You keep going and even though you hit a few bumps in the road that really hurt, you believe and your product, do the work necessary for you to succeed and voila, you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You go from a small, obscure coffee table business to a business that is making multiple millions of dollars a year. Now imagine that you had sold off half your business for 10 thousand dollars.With the 10,000 dollars you earn, you invest it into the business and because of this, you are bale to grow your business and make it a business worth multiple millions of dollars. At any time, that one 10 thousand dollar investment is worth over 1 million. Now, ask yourself this: Would you invest 10 thousand dollars in yourself?

If the answer is “yes” than great because now you get to have fun. Instead of investing in yourself, you get to invest in others.

Investing in other people has a lot less to do with bars and graphs and a lot more to do with understanding the psychology of people… Consumers as well as the psychology of the persons whose product that will be sold. When you can understand these things, you won’t freak whenever the stock price goes up and down. You have to understand that if you’ve been with a company since day 1, they are going to have a higher stock price and some of those people are going to take their money out of the pot, so the stock will dip… Trust me, if it’s a good investment, someone else will invest their money right back into the pot.

The more successful their business, the more good news they’ll have and the higher the stock will climb.

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